JSP Lifestyle Home Solutions (Private Limited)

Door Installation Method Statement

Safety Procedure

  • All members of the JSP installation team will wear only JSP branded
  • JSP Safety Helmets, JSP T-shirts, JSP Reflective Jackets & Safety Shoes at all times
  • Provision of sufficient lighting / illumination of work area
  • Warning signs
  • JSP Electrician at site at all times - Electrical point to tap from client specified location
  • All JSP Installation team members personal and health records will be kept at the site
  • JSP supervisors with a min qualification of Dip in civil Engineering will be at site at all times
  • JSP installation team will carry required tools with 1.5mm core cable and plug top
  • JSP Team will cover the floor with thick plastic sheet to protect before activity
  • JSP Team will un-pack the door sets and will retain the self adhesive plastic protection sheet

Site Survey

  • JSP Team will take readings of site door openings - Horizontal 3 readings and Vertical 2 readings., check doors orientation (L-swing & R-swing)
  • JSP Team will Record the site door opening readings in system and generating report with recommendations for acceptance and corrections
  • JSP Team will Submit reports to client and project team to ensure site is ready for installations
  • JSP Team will re-inpect the door openings after corrections made to ensure the installations can be done
  • JSP Team will follow Architect approved shop drawings as installation reference
  • JSP Team will check the completion of all civil works such as wall plastering, flooring and etc, within the apartment and in the corridor area
  • JSP Team will provide a further list on obstruction materials if any to be removed prior to mobilizaion in all aspects including 01 coat of wall paintinting

Quality Control Methodology

  • JSP Quality & Compliance with Standards procedure
  • JSP Team will check and ensure that all Doors & Shutter sets are of best quality and suitable for installation and any defect or damged doors which does not meet the stanards, will be kept aside and will inform client for replacements
  • JSP QA Team will paste a STICKER on all Doors checked and suitable for installation before being handed over to the installation team
  • JSP QA Team will inspect the material based on the Sample MOCK UP Door approved by client

Execution Plan

  • JSP will provide an Execution Plan based on the ETA dates at the site based on clearence of apartments block wise and floor wise
  • JSP will time to time increase / decrease man power according to site requirement and handing over deadlines
  • JSP will provide an exclusive software to client to manage and oversee the installation status on a regular basis

Assembly & Installation Process

  • JSP Team will Assemble Door Frames as per standards with approved or provided hardwares
  • JSP Team will place shutter in the frame and will check the gap between shutter all around and fix hinges in position
  • JSP Team place the door aperture in position, check vertical and horizontal plumb & level and then fix with wooden wedges
  • JSP Team will check and ensure smooth opening and closing of the shutter
  • JSP Team will fix the specified brand and size of anchor fasteners, 02 at hinge cut out and 01 at lock cut out
  • JSP Team will tightened the anchor fasteners after ensuring uniform gap all around the shutter frame
  • JSP Team will apply approved PU Foam all around the gap between masonry and joinery with minimum of 5mm to a maximum of 10mm
  • JSP Team will allow PU foam to set atleast for 3 hours and will trim the excess foam
  • JSP Team will fix the approved door locks per manufacturers instructions

Fixing - Architraves & Ironmongery

  • JSP Team will make paper joint miter cut for Front & back Architraves
  • JSP Team will install Front & Backside Architraves for frame with tongue and groove system using approved brand of adhesives
  • JSP Team will fix the approved Iron Mongery and cover the same with plastice sheet if provided
  • JSP Team will do a FINAL CHECK of the Door on GAPs between Frame & Shutter and cover before OFFERING for CLIENT INSPECTION

House Keeping

  • JSP Team will ensure on completion of installation, the entire debris will be removed and moved to the specified area
  • JSP Team will handover Installation completed doors to the CLIENT

General Acceptance Criteria


Local Planeness

Impact Indentation

Edge Loading

Shock Resistance

Buckling Test

Slamming Test

Mis-use Test

Screw Withdrawal

Dimensions of Height & width shall be within 5mm and the thickness of the shutter shall not deviate more than 1mm

The depth of deviation shall not not be more than 0.5mm

The depth of the deviation shall not be more than 0.2mm

Deflection of the edge at maximum point of oading shall not be more than 5mm

No visible defects after 5 successive impacts

No defects and initial deflection shall not be more than 50mm

No visible damages at the end of 100 successive impacts

No permanent deformation of the fixing or any other part of the door set hindering its normal operation

No visible damage on withdrawal of the surface either by extra chipping off or delamination the point of withdrawal